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Custom Bags For Life – available from AutismAble


New Government legislation  means that from October 5th 2015, shoppers will be charged 5p for a carrier bag at large stores throughout England.  The AutismAble learners have started a fantastic new project in response to this.

They are hand designing custom made canvas ‘Bags For Life’, meaning no two bags are the same.

An example of their work so far is below.  The bags are just £3 and can be ordered via our ETSY Store or directly from AutismAble.  Please include any images as attachments if you want a bag drawn from an existing image.


8.5 billion plastic carrier bags were handed out by supermarkets in England alone last year. The environmental impact of plastic bags has been very costly. Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the Ocean each year, leading to marine life including whales and dolphins being injured and killed by ingesting or becoming entangled in the plastic bags. A further 16,000 tonnes of waste ends up in landfill with chemicals from plastic bags damaging the soil and harmful amounts of methane being released contributing to global warming.

The AutismAble project aims to empower people with Autism and Learning Differences by developing their creative skills and supporting them into employment opportunities. This social enterprise will help the learners respond and make a valuable contribution to current issues.

AutismAble, October 2015.