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We offer people with a learning disability or autism spectrum condition, who have a personal budget (direct payments) to support their goals and learn new skills


AchievAble is a direct payments service with a difference .

Our bespoke personal development programme includes the following:

•       Friendship Building

•       Independence and Personal Development (including cooking and budgeting)

•       Confidence Building

•       Mental Health Awareness

•       Travel Training

•       Arts Award in partnership with the Customs House ( Music, Drama, Video Making and Photography)

•       Activities to benefit mental health including Sports, Gardening and Bike Mechanics

•       Trips and Outings

All elements of AchievAble are delivered in South Shields by specialist tutors with vast experience of working with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

For details of our EmployAble programme please click here

Service users are welcome to apply for elements of both programmes via  Direct Payments , Personal Budgets or by self-funding.

If you are interested in a direct payment please speak with your Social Worker or you can contact Let’s Talk Team South Tyneside on

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