You are currently viewing Andrew’s story: from AutismAble to Newcastle Airport

Andrew’s story: from AutismAble to Newcastle Airport

“AutismAble helped me with my confidence, and they also helped me make friends. They taught me how to do interviews, and because of that, I was able to memorise what I needed to say and use this when I applied for my job at the airport. I started there in 2018, and I still work there.

I most enjoyed the social activities at AutismAble and getting to spend time with my friends. My biggest achievement was being able to complete my courses and pass all of them.

I would recommend AutismAble to my friends, because everybody is very friendly and they are good at increasing social opportunities, and the staff were very helpful to me.”

Andrew attended AutismAble from 2015-2021, during this time, he completed our EmployAble, AchivAble and SociAble pathways.

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