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AutismAble celebrates after receiving £10k of National Lottery funding

We are delighted to share some exciting news with you today. Thanks to the generous support of The National Lottery Community Fund, AutismAble has been granted £10,000 in funding! This grant enables us to expand upon our work with individuals with autism and learning disabilities, especially those at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Million Hours Youth Project:
Our new project, the “Million Hours Youth Project,” will use this funding to create additional opportunities for young people in areas prone to anti-social behaviour. Through this project, we will provide extra hours of youth work, offering positive outlets for these young individuals.

Positive Pathways for Young People:
Our “Positive Pathways for Young People” sessions have already been met with enthusiasm. These sessions, which include music workshops at Pop Recs in Sunderland and weekly youth activities in South Shields, have helped build a stronger sense of community and belonging among our young participants.

The project targets young people aged 11-25, particularly those with autism and special educational needs and disabilities. We aim to provide a range of constructive alternatives, promoting personal growth, skill development, positive friendships, and community involvement. This began with enriching activities throughout the summer holidays, and we are excited to see the project continue going forward. 

Our planned activities will take place in areas with a high incidence of anti-social behaviour, including the AutismAble Youth Hub in South Shields and Pop Recs in Sunderland. The group will engage in skill-building workshops, peer mentoring, DJ and music workshops, pizza-making, and community projects. These experiences will equip them with valuable life skills, help them build friendships, and instil a sense of ownership and pride in their local community. 

Our goal is to make a significant impact by reducing anti-social behaviour in these targeted areas, benefiting not only the young people but also their families and the wider community. 

We couldn’t be more grateful for the National Lottery’s support. We’re excited about the future and look forward to the positive impact this project will have on the lives of those we support. We’re proud to be part of your celebration today!

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