You are currently viewing Bryn’s story: from AutismAble to the RVI Hospital

Bryn’s story: from AutismAble to the RVI Hospital

“I have been with AutismAble for around 6 years. I came to AutismAble to develop my English and Maths skills. By attending and developing these skills, it has helped me pass my driving test and feel more confident in life. I started volunteering at SeaChange Cafe in 2019 and gained lots of customer service skills and confidence, and it led me to now being a part-time member of staff and also a board member.

I have gained independence skills through being with AutismAble and SeaChange which made me feel confident enough to move into my own home. I am now currently volunteering at the Royal Victoria Infirmary as a porter. AutismAble has helped me feel confident enough to take on manual driving lessons and eventually I would like to apply to be in the North East Ambulance Service. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing this, if it wasn’t for the amazing staff team at AutismAble and SeaChange, without them I would be lost”.

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