FREE digital inclusion course

Digitally You is a free digital inclusion course for people aged 16 or over who identify as neurodivergent. 

Ideal for those with low digital skills and little or no experience using computers and other digital devices. 

Through regular weekly small group sessions and one-to-one support, Digitally You will empower individuals with the essential digital skills they need for work and everyday life, including:

  • Online safety
  • Using apps
  • Finding local services
  • Online banking
  • Navigating government information services
  • Online Universal Credit accounts
  • Apps that support budgeting and saving money 

Beginning the first week in April. To find out more or to register your place, please email or call 0191 825 0035. Alternatively, register via the link below.

This programme is co-funded by AutismAble and The Access Foundation.