You are currently viewing Introducing Our September 2023 External Evaluation Report

Introducing Our September 2023 External Evaluation Report

Welcome to our Future Collaborations External Evaluation Report for September 2023!

About Future Collaborations:

Future Collaborations, a pioneering project by AutismAble CIC, is a celebration of diversity and inclusion through the universal language of music. Our mission is simple but profound: to enhance the lives of neurodiverse and neurotypical young people by harnessing the magic of musical collaborations.

Bridging Differences:

At the core of this initiative lies a powerful vision. We set out to break down the barriers that often isolate disadvantaged, vulnerable, and hard-to-reach young individuals. In a world where disability arts projects often segregate participants, Future Collaborations united young people who identify as neurodiverse with those who identify as ‘neurotypical’ for a series of transformative music learning, recording, and performance experiences.

Curious to learn about the stories, experiences, and achievements that have unfolded as part of the project? 

Click here to read our full report.

Future Collaborations is funded by Youth Music, thanks to National Lottery Good Causes via Arts Council England

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