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AutismAble pride ourselves on exceptional, individualised support for all learners and clients.

Upon referral, each learner is  assigned a support mentor who will help them complete an individual support plan which ensures that all staff can provide first class support to the individual.

Although some people with Autism will share common traits, each individual has qualities and needs that are unique to them. Wherever possible, we will always build support around an individuals strengths and interests.  .

We provide additional support by ensuring that:

1. All AutismAble staff have specialist Autism and Learning Disabilities training.

2. There is an open door policy for all. Learners have access to weekly 1:1 sessions as well as support sessions at the start and end of each day.

3. All Learning is differentiated according to needs and ability.

4.  Specialist autism resources including iPads, stress balls, ear defenders, mini-white boards, reading rulers, giant calculators, flash cards and large print dictionaries are provided.

5. Learning takes place in Autism friendly, low arousal teaching environments and a sensory area and chill out room is available.

6. Learning takes place in smaller group sizes. All classes are between 6-10 learners depending on the activity.

7. We have a qualified Mental Health First Aider on the staff team and all learners have access to her.

8. We self-fund additional learning hours to help maximise the potential for all learners to achieve their targets or qualifications.  We will deliver up to 760 guided learning hours for our full time learning programmes.

9.  A Work Mentor is provided to all work placement learners. Job scripts are provided in easy read format.

10. Further support and training is provided to employers to assist them to best meet the needs of learners and make reasonable adaptions to work place environments.

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