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Our creative writers of the month

We are very proud to announce the winners of our Creative Writers of the Month Competition, Carlie, Hannah and Samantha, for their brilliant piece ‘Through The Doorway’. Have a read below.

Through The Doorway
It was a cold winter’s day. The rain feels cold and wet like ice falling from the sky.  Chloe, Olivia and Luna were walking to school, a place they did not want to go on this dull Monday. While drowning in the puddles, in a bad mood something caught their eye. The colours of the rainbow, shining bright through the glass window of a multi coloured door. Olivia wanted to have a closer look, so she talked the two girls into looking with her. Turning the handle slowly, Olivia pushed the door and the three girls fell inside.
The girls could not believe their eyes. Bright green palm trees as tall as the sky towered Above them. Their wet feet sunk into the silky sand and the sun shone bright on their faces. The girls had fallen into a tropical beach island. The girls were excited to explore.  There were a number of doors hidden inside the island waiting to be opened. The girls opened up the unicorn door and were greeted with magical creatures having a party. They joined in the fun and partied until the clock struck 12. 

The girls got carried away and did not realise the time. They thought their parents may be worried and they also have missed a full day of school. It was time to go home. Chloe tried it open the door and it was stuck she asked Luna and Olivia to try but no one could get the door open. The girls panicked as they started to sink through the sand. They ended up trapped underground in a room full of scary reptiles. All three girls cried and screamed until they passed out sleeping on the cold, hard floor. As morning came fast and the girls woke up, they realised they were in Luna’s bedroom. The girls stared at each other and realised it was just a dream.

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