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Hatching Happiness with our Living Egg Project

Imagine a world where seven tiny, fluffy balls of feathers could make all your troubles melt away. That’s exactly what happened when the Living Eggs arrived at our AutismAble. 

From the moment they arrived, our community was captivated. We chatted about eggs, science, and the wonder of nature. We learned about the lifecycles of animals and the differences between fertilised and non-fertilised eggs. It was an educational experience that was both fun and heartwarming. 

The Living Eggs were placed in an incubator at our South Shields Hub, and we eagerly watched and waited. Then, as if by magic, the eggs began to crack, and our members gathered around, mesmerised by what was happening before their very eyes.

The living egg project was more than just a fun activity. It was a valuable lesson in patience, care, and responsibility. Our members learned the importance of taking care of these little creatures and watching them grow. It was a heartwarming experience that brought our community together and left us all with smiles on our faces.

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